Welcome to PLR Case Studies!

In this blog i’m going to show you various ways I and other internet marketers are using PLR to make money, build our lists and drive traffic to our sites.  

In case you’re new to internet marketing, PLR Stands for “Private Label Rights.”  Here is a broad definition of Private Label Rights:  Products with private label rights allow you to edit the content, add to it, claim it as your work, sell it and allow your customers (if you wish) to sell it as well.

However, when acquiring PLR products be sure to read the license agreement for the exact rights that you have as they very widely. 

If you haven’t watched my first video in this case study series you can do so at this link:  How I Turned a $97 Investment into How I Turned a $97 investment into $41,453.00 in just 3 weeks

Also, make sure you’re signed up to receive email reminders when I post a new case study.  I’m only going to leave these case studies up for a short time so you’ll want to get access to them while you can.  You can sign up for the updates using this form…

Do you have a PLR case study that you’re using to profit from Private Label Rights? If you do and it’s something unique enough, I’ll give you $500.00 for a brief telephone or skype interview.

One warning: if you do this you have to really spill the beans and give all the details about your techniques. The recorded call will then be sent out to all the other people who have signed up to receive these case studies.

Just email me at jjonessupport@gmail.com with details of what you’re doing and I’ll let you know if it’s something I can use.

Oh, almost forgot… please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of the first case study.  Thanks!  James

97 Responses to “Welcome to PLR Case Studies!”

  1. Joel Hodge Says:

    I like the first case study, keep them coming. – Joel

  2. Michael Says:

    Hey Jim, I had the audio (as a paid product) of this case study a couple of years ago, but the video ads a new dimension (plus it refreshed my memory of what I still hadn’t done. Thanks!

  3. James Says:

    Hi James,
    I always enjoy your emails because you show us how to do things, not just what to do. I remember Dave’s Public Domain stuff cause I got it for free when I joined someone’s list. And (shame on me), didn’t do anything with it.
    I look forward to more case studies. I do have one question though, I have a ton of PLR that is not as good as Dave’s that I have acquired, usually free, and wonder if something profitable could be done with it?
    Thanks, JP Kelley

  4. stan Says:

    James- You’re one of the few marketers that always delivers value in exchange for attention, whether it’s a paid product or not. I always look forward to your stuff.


  5. Martha Says:

    Hi James, you’re one of the few marketers I have not unsubscribed to. Always enjoy your valuable and helpful information.
    Looking forward to your add’l. case studies.
    Thank you,

  6. Rodney Says:


    Great case study. I like how you shared how to get some traffic to the sales page through a WSO and how you improved the product to make it a lot better to give more value. Keep the case studies coming.


  7. Tracy Says:


    This is the first time I’ve seen any of your work and was surprised at the detail and quality of your first case study demonstration. Thanks for being so clear and candid, and I’m looking forward to more.


  8. Ann O Leary Says:

    Hi, I am writing my first e book at the moment, your case study gave me a few ideas as to how to improve it.

  9. tom b Says:

    James I really enjoy all your unique ways of making money that you bring to the table!

  10. idelle Says:

    Hi Jame
    I like the video you sent me.
    keep them coming, Jame I don.t have a Website how will I be
    able to prosper for them, tell me what must I do to get started.

  11. Danny Says:

    Hi James,

    Really enjoyed the video and case study tips, it is as good as micro niche finder videos you produced. Please do keep these case studies coming.


  12. Jon Lake (UK) Says:

    Hi there James,

    I am new to your stuff, but very much enjoyed the first video. It was a very interesting twist which I have not seen talked about much.

    I look forward to the next one.

    May your wealth grow with you


    Jonathan Lake

  13. Michael Johnson Says:


    What you presented is absolutely brilliant! It really proves that changing how material is packaged\presented can make the difference between a flop and a success!! I think it also shows clearly that you do not have to be a web site coding ninja to make money on the Internet. I anxiously await your next video. Right now I am a newbie struggling to get a content-based web site designed and published. Once I see that project through I will plan a project like you’ve demonstrated. Do you have a course whereby you teach this method?

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Michael K. Johnson
    Charlotte, NC

  14. Kaerynnn Says:

    Thanks, as a newbie I’m better educated already!

  15. Mark Eckersall Says:


    Great video and great results but you start from ahead of the game surely, as you have a large list to send to initially?

  16. Dennis Hester Says:

    Provocative! The content on the video was creative and stimulating and should stir all of us into action to get off our “good intentions” and do something with all of the good information that we already have on our computers and book shelves. Thanks for the helpful information as always and I am looking forward to the next video and devising a game plan to profit from PLR material.

  17. Hugh Says:

    Really nice piece of work and a great idea for enchancing a PLR product.

    The video would have been a little more helpful if you had shown how you marketed the product.

    Thanks and I look forward to learning more from you!

  18. Simon Says:

    Thanks for getting to the point and not waffling on like so many “gurus” do on their video presentations.

    Food for thought. I’ll keep you on my subscribed list (where many others have failed).

  19. Michele Says:

    I always enjoy your videos/emails. Could you tell us where to find good quality PLR products? Thanks!

  20. Z'da Says:

    Hey James, I’ve been studying this process for quite some time, even have PLR products but have not launched any … I guess I am waiting to learn more before launching :)

    I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge, experience and wisdom.

    Appreciatively, Z’da

  21. Kathy Says:

    Hi James!
    Great video! That’s awesome that you could make so much money so quickly. Thanks for the info and I look forward to the next case study!
    Kathy :-)

  22. domhill Says:

    I thought your presentation was great. This is my first week learning online commerce, i have so much to learn about these tools (technology) but i am excited to do it right. thanx for your help

  23. tommy Says:

    James, I always open your emails that you send. You deliver great information and never try to over sell other marketers products! As a fellow Carolinian, I respect and appreciate your work.

  24. John Higgins Says:

    Got a lot out of the first PLR case study. As always, I find your stuff the best there is out there.

  25. Thomas Says:

    Thank-you for being you. Always valuable content given. I have used your concepts and they always work. Don’t change. It is so easy to understand methods the way you present them with details. Thanks again.

  26. Miranda Says:

    I have to agree with what others say above – that I ALWAYS open your emails and click through because you give really good practical info away… so I’m in :)

  27. krissi Says:

    I have a ton of plr that I haven’t done anything with yet. Your video really opened up my eyes as to all of the different things we can do with plr. Can’t wait for the next video… thanks!

  28. Lonny Says:

    I was very impressed with your presentastion.

  29. Yoga Training Says:

    Good Job and good creative thinking. It’s creativity that makes one like yourself move ahead.

  30. Mike Mott Says:

    Enjoyed that, thanx.

    Best wishes


  31. Scott Says:

    Hey James

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with in plrcasestudies.com! I like many others above always open your email, I think you’re one of the only marketers I do that with :)

    I remember that Public Domain report…..boy, been doing this too long and not rich like you :)

    Sent you an email regarding PLR and wso’s, not sure they allow that sort of thing over there…..”must be original”…..might want to check it out. If the PLR were totally rewritten or done in another format it should be acceptable but if one of the warriors finds out it was a PLR they will start making noise which ususally ruins the wso.

    Take care,


  32. Brett Says:

    Hi James,

    I am a proud user of your Micro Niche Finder. I find your products and service to be head and shoulders above the rest and I am betting that your teachings will result in my eventual success. Looking forward to more PLR case studies, this may be the missing “link” I’ve been searching for!


  33. Custom 3D Wood Plaques Says:


    I always open your emails the minute I see them – you never fail to deliver quality products and services and help – MNF is the one thing I cannot live without and I use it every day.

    I too, have tons of PLR that is just sitting here, and you’ve given me some great ideas. Thanks!

  34. RoseMarie Says:

    You always give such great value. I have only just realized that the way to really make money in IM is with your own product. These ideas will get me going. Thanks for being so open and revealing. Looking forward to more cases.

  35. Donna Says:

    Hi There:
    I have always enjoyed your emails and marvel, everytime, at your honest, open and unselfish sharing of how to better our lifestyles.

    My hurdle is not doing as you say, as you break things down so simply, but it is following up and continuing on projects I’ve started.

    As yes, PATIENCE, or lack of, is my nemisis!

    Life is certainly an ongoing study…
    …to learning more from you, James.

    Thank you so much.

  36. Lena Says:

    Hi James,

    quite a good video. Perhaps you could go much more into detail so that I can copy it? No? Okay, it was worth the try -:)


  37. Walt Says:

    Fascinating, yet easy-as-pie-to-implement case study. I am now forced to take a closer look at all the PLR stuff I got lying around collecting virtual dust.

    James, you never cease to amaze and enlighten me. You are one of the handful of IM people I respect – not just because you’ve helped me make money, but also because you’re willing to help us improve everything we do.


  38. Reeder Lyons Says:

    A thought for your consideration; I would be willing to pay a monthly fee for access to this type information if it were available by coming to a private forum. One where you might be available, or others more capable than me; where questions and answers would be available.

    In agreement with other comments am I that your information is concise and timely, not to mention its value. However, without future access to this info or some way to capture it for future use it seems a “tease” to me. My old memory won’t keep this info for much longer than when you decide to pull it. Is there some way to capture this information other than taking notes. I’d much prefer to watch the video again and again.

    Own your MNF and would really like more in depth information about using its capacity and capability. Would really appreciate videos of the new version and how you work your “magic”.

    As a retired and tired again old carpenter / remodeler I am trying to learn this profession of marketing on the internet, you certainly seem
    Have a blessed day


  39. Trevor White Says:

    James. Thanks.

    I always enjoy reading your stuff, and am somewhat delighted when a JJJones email lands in my inbox. Because I know it will be good, non self serving information. Always good info that can be used by any marketer.

    Is it possible for you to give me a direction to go in regarding one of my web sites. Do you provide this type of paid support?

    Thanks for another great idea.


    trevor at trevorup.com

  40. Jim Says:

    Great Video I would like to know more

  41. Harry Deitch Says:

    Mr. Jones, As an old Purchaser of Micro Niche Finder,( about 4 years now), I always look forward to your “new” Ideas.
    Perhaps you could discuss something that could be done using Web 2.0 (Hub-pages or even Squidoo), this would help people such as myself (a beginner of about 6 years). Also if we could combine M.N.F., it could work better.
    Regards Harry Deitch (Sydney, Australia).

  42. Another Rodney Says:

    Hey James,

    Love this basic blog format. Where did you get? Hahaha!

    Thanks for the video. It came about the time I was thinking about doing what you said, but in not as many variations, so thanks for that.

    Best wishes,


  43. Wanda Chellers Says:

    You have sent me very good information to be in business for myself and I want to thank you very much, don’t stop sending me more because it have been a lot of help for me and some one else. May God Bless you in everything you are doing for me and others. Look forward hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,

  44. Nutrition Supplements Says:

    Very nice video. Really shows what can be done with a little elbow grease. I do have one question. Since software is such a hot item to sale, will you be detailing the process for acquiring PLR software products as well? I guess I have another question. :-) Will you be sharing any knowledge of the best places to have software created? I know the obvious places but I’m interested in knowing where you go. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks for sharing. Brad

  45. Abu Shafi Says:

    I was blown away by the first case study which sent me thinking what I should do with the loads of PLR products filling a large space in my pc’s hard drive.

    I look forward to receiving further reports which will hopefully cover the nitty gritties of using PLR products to make profit.

  46. Phillip W Klein Says:

    Hi James, Thanks for such great information. So simple, yet sooooo powerful and not complicated to apply.

  47. Janet Says:

    I am truly blown away with this video – can’t wait to see and learn more! Way to go!

  48. Jeff Says:

    This has certainly catched my interest. I’m looking foward to more case studies.

  49. Electric Wheelchair Says:

    Wow. And i thought PLR is worthless…
    Now – do you think all this is still reproducable, now that MANY MANY more people have products online (vs few years ago when monetizing online with anything was relatively easy)?

  50. Susan Says:

    Good information. I am currently having a writer rewrite a PLR ebook for my niche. I started rewriting the first four chapters myself and then gave it to my writer as it is time consuming. What I did rewrite myself did give me insight as to how many different ways you can use PLR material. All those bones/chapters of the book were there and it was written for my niche, I just needed to change the subject. So now this ebook is costing me far less money to have written by having this framework.

  51. Graham Wallner Says:

    Hi James,

    Thank you for the video, refreshing and easy to follow as usual. Can you explain the warrior forum to me as I have never heard of it before. What does it do in laymans terms?

  52. Joe Kerrigan Says:

    Great Stuff, James. It has filled my mind with new ideas to explore. One thing is curious though – I can see the value of completely rewriting and reformatting a PLR work purchased but with all that reworking why not just do the same work on a book that is not PLR. It seems that with a complete reworking the new material would stand alone as original and therefore not involved with copyright or plagiarism problems?

  53. Submit Your Articles Says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks againg for sharing great information. Will be waiting anxiously for the other videos. I will also start brainstorming how I could reformat a couple of high quality PLR products I acquired.


  54. Dale Says:

    Hello James,

    Once again you deliver great quality content. I love case studies because you get more than theory, you get actual techniques that others have used successfully to build their businesses. With this kind of information in mind I always can come up with new and better ideas for expanding on what I am already doing.

    Keep it up,

  55. Marco Says:

    This is a great tip.

  56. Jo Says:

    James, a great video as usual. you always provide good ones. Can you tell me how you can transfer a pdf to video? There must be a tool involved in this. Others her may know but i am a newbie.

  57. Cliff Says:

    I am interested in PLR sales but if the conversion to various media types is very technical I will be lost. Would you teach us how to create videos, mp3’s etc from say a pdf or any other platform?

  58. wordwrangler Says:


    very informative and easy to follow – the video format helps tremendously

  59. Ana Says:

    Thank You for the video. I join some of your other people in asking:
    “Would you please teach us to make the conversions between PDF-Video,
    PDf-MP3 etc.
    Your Micro Niche Finder is an excellent program.

  60. Scott Says:

    Loved that first case study! Gave me some good ideas! Thanks for providing such great content.

  61. Chuck Says:

    I always look forward to hearing from you. I have used Micro Niche Finder to help me grow my businesses a lot. It is invaluable.
    Since my whole business structure is built on PLR, I found your video to be very informative. Thank you.

  62. Ray Lea Says:

    I think the idea is brill I have loads of things I could be making video’s out of and have never thought of it before, many many thanks also I am looking forward to the next in the series

  63. art williams Says:

    I enjoyed the case study too James and look forward to getting more.

    But..hey..! I got another request.

    I’ve got your MicroNicheFinder and I’ve played with it. I sorta understand it but I’m totally comfortable with it. I sure wish you’d set up a blog for it and/or maybe do a VoIP seminar on using it. Then, BTW, you could turn the seminar into a good product (I’ve got a HotConference Room I’ll let you use for free too!).

    Best regards,

    Admin: The Micro Niche Finder Blog is here: http://micronicheblog.com/ We are also on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/micronichetool

  64. Terry Van Horn Says:

    Hi James,
    As a long time user of MicroNiche finder I find most of what you do as educational.

  65. Omega3 Says:

    There’s alway something to learn when James speak.
    You’re the man

  66. Michael Budd Says:

    Thanks James. Exactly what I’ve come to expect and appreciate about you… no bull, just the goods.

  67. richard Says:

    loved your reports keep them coming

  68. Christine Says:

    Hi James

    I really enjoyed the video, can’t wait to see what’s next.
    Thank you so much for the good information you send. Look forward to the next one.

  69. Jeffrey Maddox Says:

    Great information! Look forward to the next one.

  70. Onel Says:

    Quite informative and motivational especially for anyone who wants to make money online. That alone proves that although no necessarily easy making an income online is attainable.

  71. Laura Says:

    Really impressed. I thought “I could do this!” Thank you!

  72. Stephen Tickner Says:


    You always share interesting ideas and concepts. You’ve showed us what you can do if you think outside the box! Great stuff!


  73. stew Says:

    Interesting ideas. Modifying copyrighted material so that it becomes your own is a great way to create content. Now if there was only an easier way to find printed works that the copyright has expired on:)

  74. VegasVince Says:

    Whether it’s cigar purses, slacking off with Terry Gibbs, Ebay sourcing, public domain, or the awesome Micro Niche Finder etc etc…..I love James J Jones!

    He’s one of the very few marketers I bother even opening emails from…for real!

    Another great example of why this guy rocks….and thanks for the great spin on how to take beaten up quality PLR…and spin it back into gold.

    Vegas Vince

  75. Timothy Leyfer Says:

    Thank you James,

    I larned some things by listening to your interview, I look forward to hearing many more.

    I do have a suggestin that I would like you to consider implementing,

    And that is, I would like to see a blog post devoted to explaing and giving examples of how Micro Niche Finder can be used to find and understnd how we can profit from new niche markets.

    Anyway, please keep up the work and thanks for creating a very useful tool that works great and provides necesary and valuable information.

    Timothy Leyfer

  76. Jolene Says:

    These case studies are fantastic. Definitely gives some insight to methods I’ve never considered before. Thanks for sharing them!

  77. Nora Jeanne Hirsu - How To Get Your ex Back Says:

    I have always loved PLR products. I have used the techniques taught to create a few plr sites.

    On the other hand, i use Micro Niche finder software to gather my keywords.

    Nora Jeanne Hirsu
    Get Ex Back

  78. Marcus Says:

    Hello James,

    I liked the info on the Wordpress Drip Feed. I was not familiar with that.
    The rest was very informative.


  79. George Says:

    Hey James,

    Very interesting study. I look forward to more. My concern would be that one puts themselves at risk of a “Google slap” for non-relevant or redundant content.
    George Gibson

  80. WorldInternetForum Says:

    Wow James…VERY interesting…thanks for sharing and look forward for other case studies!

    You ROCK!!! :O)
    Ash Patel
    World Internet Summit Forum

  81. Mark Couch Says:

    Hi James,
    Excellent idea’s. It never ceases to amaze me of the number of ways to make money on the internet. You present your material in such a way that it is easy to understand and to listen to. I would like to hear more ways to make money with PLR products. Thanks so much

    To Your Success,
    Mark C

  82. Doug Says:

    I would like to know how to find good PLRs to market

  83. Dee Gantt Says:

    I learned about you from Jonny Andrews and learned so much just from his interview with you. Like so many others have said, when I see an email from you I open it right away because there is always valuable content in it. This case study was no different. I look forward to those still to come.

    Thanks so much!

    Dee Gantt

  84. Pamela Says:

    James, once again you’ve shown your knack for demystifying the process. I COULD actually DO this! What a concept! Looking forward to more installments.

    With eager anticipation,


  85. ollie Says:

    i just hope what i read is real. I love reading the articles ,Very uplifting Thanks Ollie

  86. daily-devotionals.com Says:

    Your case studies are great! Very practical help!

  87. Letitia Says:

    Hi James;

    When I got the postcard in the mail and saw your name on it; I knew that I could trust it. You are a trusted name and voice. The video was great. I hope at some point you reveal where we can purchase good quality PLR. Thank You for the information.

  88. Jeannie Says:

    James, I really enjoyed the video. I like your style of communication and am looking forward to learning more from you. Keep em coming! Maybe one day soon, I’ll be able to submit something to you for that reward.



  89. PLR using Public Domain Content Says:

    [...] everyone – just a quick short note today.  My new friend  James Jones posted a PLR Case study on his blog.  It really is worth the time reviewing it.  He goes [...]

  90. James Wayt Says:

    James, you are always informative and the information you provide continues to remind me that this internet marketing stuff is not rocket science. While I have not yet made any money to speak of, I know that I will if I keep at it. Keep the case studies coming James!

  91. Kristian Says:

    Hi James
    I just saw your first video about PLR. It was very interesting, right to the point and easy to remember and understand.


    P.S. Is there going to be a Mac version for Micro Niche Finder?

  92. Ramona Says:

    I want to thank you for all the great information. I plan to begin implementing it today.

    I look forward to more case studies.

  93. Ramona Says:

    I have no website yet. I will begin with article and Squido lense marketing.

    I have been taking notes from your Article marketing 101 but cannot get back in to finish since I went to Daniel Molano’s(?) AM 202 and wrote down all his information.

    I cannot purchase anything including Micro Niche Finder until after September 3rd as I am on Social Security.

    I tried to get into Google Ad Words today but have to wait for Googlel to e-mail me a new password. In the meantime, I am writing all the info from the Link you put in your e-mail to me so that I will have it to study and refer to.

    Will it be posssible for me to use the name I choose for Squido lens as a domain name when I put up a website? I have a reason for doing that. It will help me establish a Brand/reputation and trust quicker.

    Would consider answeering these questions in an e-mail to me?

    I am excited about getting started right away. I need more income for sure. Social Security is not even enough for me to afford rent for a place of my own. I live with my bachelor son. We each need our own space even though we do get along o.k.

    Thanks again for all the help you have already given.

    Blessings Ramona

  94. Mike Darling Says:

    Wow. Simple but effective. James, you boiled down and distilled into a simple way how to take PLR gathering dust, and turn it into a valuable product for the consumer, and a money maker for the marketer.

    I look forward to more tips.

    -Mike Darling

  95. Roger Says:


    I’ve always been interested in PLR content but was never sure what approach I should use to the business model. Thanks for sharing such valuable information

  96. You Want To Know About Says:

    This is very timely for me as a girl friend and I are looking to take a product we have rights to and turn the pdfs into videos. I am looking forward to the other ideas that are out there. Thanks, I always look forward to stuff from you.

    Rebecca in Montana

  97. Jim Osborne Says:

    Very good presentation and good detail… lets the novice understand how PLR works and what is the profit potential.

    James is a class act in a world that is not always classy.